Monday, November 16, 2015

Political and Social thought of the week: 16NOV15

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris, the weekend and this morning’s news and social media is still buzzing with talk of what we should do, how we should do it and who should be involved. For me the news and social media can be a “Catch 22.” I like to know what’s going on in my world and the world in general, but I have a low tolerance for….bullshit. Memes, comments, biased news articles, the whole lot.

Our “leaders” in Washington are taking to the air so all can hear how they have an answer to the problem and they clearly know how to defeat ISIS. I just listened to Lindsey Graham and I just sat here thinking, “How the f… did this cat even get elected?!?” His best sound bite is he’d put “boots on the ground” i.e. a ground force and that along with help from our allies would defeat ISIS. He also insulted the SOF community when he highlighted that 50 guys on the ground can’t do anything. Lindsey Graham should go tackle “Nasty Nick.” He talks as if he’s actually going to go fight. That’s laughable. Or Donald Trump’s idea about bombing them to the Stone Age. The French President’s response to the attacks, he dropped around 20 bombs on the “ISIS capitol.” Yeah…that will solve the problem. But in general, I love it when folks talk mad cash knowing fully well they don’t have to do ish but watch it on TV or hear about it in a briefing. Folks talk a good game yet how many have spoken to any actively serving or retired military strategists about how you go about defeating an IDEOLOGY!!!!! It is no different than racism. Racism is not a person or group. Racism is an ideology.

Yes that’s right. I don’t mean to burst your uneducated military bubble but ISIS is not a bunch of jihads on the ground, ISIS is an IDEOLOGY and THAT is what we have to fight. You can kill 1,000 individuals in the fight against ISIS but if you don’t defeat the mindset, the ideology…then you will have other individuals who pick up where those you just killed left off. And just how do you combat an ideology? Education…along with maturity and an open mind is a good place to start. You must be mature enough to listen and educated enough to be able to absorb the words you are being told. You also need to be educated enough to utilize critical thinking skills so that you can truly look at the ideology and perhaps see just how flawed it really is. Lastly, be willing to change and move from said ideology. Once you’ve done that, then  the real battle begins. That battle being what do you do with all those whose mindset you have now changed? And how do you keep them from going back to that or finding another ideology that perhaps is far worse? But, jobs, education…a life, must surely be at the forefront of all of that. If you don’t believe me that all of that is monumentally important, go west and visit some of the lovely and bustling RESERVATIONS that house Indians who have just done so well the past 200 years.

I’m not a rocket scientist nor do I claim to know it all but I do have common sense and enough of it combined with an education to form an opinion based on the use of both.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The End of the Week

         It's Saturday morning babysitters and the house is quiet. Jeff is sleeping, Rome is sleeping (After an evening out with new friends), Brodie Dingle​ is chilling somewhere and Clarabelle naturally is in her kennel because she'd rather play than use the bathroom. Oh, and I have to clean up her mess once again under the bed. I'm still not fully engaged on Facebook as I had been in the past. Just seems folks post less and less about their lives and that of their families than any other subject that does nothing more than keep us all apart as people. no end, drive me crazy. It wouldn't be so bad if it was once in awhile but man it's like every single hour of every single minute. The "unfollow" button has been a Godsend in some regards. People are my friends for a reason but that doesn't mean I want to here every single thing they say. Sorry, it really isn't that important. And I'm sure I have gotten on the nerves of many in the past and probably still do to this day. Oh well, such is life.
            So if I'm not commenting on your stuff like I used to, don't take it personal. I've just become a little more selective about what I wish to post on. I spend a little more time on Instagram seeing how it's nothing but pictures and who doesn't like to look at pictures? That and I have 2 boys who need a lot of my attention right now as well as my studies and keeping my grades up. Retirement is treating me pretty good and I con only imagine how much better it would be if I had had more time to plan it. So my tib bit of advice on that is if your at 10yrs, you need to start getting ready to retire. Talk to those of us who are and find out what you NEED to be doing to set yourself up for success. I did a lot in a year, but if I had had 2 or 3 can't imagine what I could have had done.
          Last week was a trying week for me. A lot of things are going on and even though we wish for the best and plan for the worst, when the worst does happen, being prepared for it doesn't make it sting any less. We all have had our fair share of ups and downs and it's nice to know folks care a fair amount about you as you do them. I got more than a few personal texts, phone calls and messages on top of the comments posted to my post earlier this week. Sometimes engaging that 300m target is a lot harder than you think. But no matter must remember to breath.
         So to all my friends who took the time to comment or drop me a message...I say thank you. The love was much appreciated. Especially the unexpected shout out from JB55!!! Love you Bruh!!!! And if you didn't worries, I know some of you have me in your thoughts but you just aren't the type to be all mushy and stuff. I have some things I need to take care of today, bills and a lil home maintenance, before I can relax for the remainder of the day. So I'm moving back into my self imposed only come on Facebook when I really need to mode.
     Take care all....and remember...I'm still watching and I will leave you with this.    

"Father I am trusting you. I believe that you are in control. And even though I do not see anything tangible happening, I believe you are working in my life, going before me, making my crooked places straight, and causing me to be at the right place at the right time."   

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We've Come Full Circle

Not long ago I had to make a somewhat emergency drive to Kentucky after my former spouse put her hands on our daughter in a drunken rage. She was later arrested and jailed for the remainder of that day. The following day I spoke with several officers about her and the arrest. After getting back home I emailed her and told her in light of recent events I feel it was best if my sons moved with me. I offered her a peaceful solution to which, true to form it was not received well.

                I contacted my Attorney and had her file a motion seeking physical custody of our sons. I contacted her again asking to do it without court and peacefully which it would all be settled prior to Madison’s graduation the end of May. But naturally, that wasn’t going to happen. So a court date was set for 10 July. I drove up on the 9th and the next day we were walking down the side walk into court when I got a call from my attorney telling me that my former spouse had called and said she was in the ER in Bowling Green. So there would be no court and I’d have to drive back to Georgia with nothing resolved. A new date of the 17th of July was given and I’d have to drive back up once again hoping she would show up. I don’t believe she knew I was coming but I did. And around 0920 we finally went into the court room. I hadn’t been in there since June of 2011.

                My Attorney informed the judge of the motion and that I was simply seeking physical custody since the boys were both teenagers and desired to live with me. The judge was pleasant and simply told Jennifer that teenage boys typically need their fathers during those years and that it wasn’t personal. So that was that. He ruled that I was to be the physical custodian and my goal and promise to my kids of not pointing fingers and bring up all the dirt was met.

                So Things have come full circle for me and my life. I will continue to operate as I have since 2009 when all this started. I will take my family to counseling so that my kids can talk through whatever anger and feelings they have had inside of them since this all started. This will also give them a safe environment to ask questions and seek answers and acknowledgement of actions that have taken place between their mother and I over the past 6 years. So again, I will assist them in moving forward and the healing process by doing what they need and putting those needs at the forefront. It feels good to go to the gym with them and workout. It’s nice having my son helping me mow the lawn or take the garbage to the curb. My son has a job which I’m super proud of him and what he’s doing for himself. Madison starts college in the fall and she is super excited. They are all well and have adjusted to their new lives here in Georgia.

                What I have learned from all this is doing the right thing, maintaining the moral high ground and putting the needs of others no matter how uncomfortable it maybe or unhealthy you have to allow things to play out  because with patience and perseverance…you can succeed.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's in the news today

 So the debate rages on and my newsfeed is full of stuff fore and against the confederate flag. One major argument is that the flag was hijacked by radicals (Hmmm so was the religion of Islam yet folks still hate them and are not tolerant) and that we should all be educated enough to know the difference (just like we should know that folks who are Muslims aren't all terrorists or Jihadists) and be able to separate the two (Just like good Muslims and bad Muslims).
  I don't openly talk about racism or the racism I have experienced over my life time because...truth be one wants to hear it. It's a very uncomfortable subject for a lot of folks and not all can have a mature, open and honest discussion about it. I've heard numerous rationalizations for why things happen but seldom does someone simply say that it was probably an instance of racism. Some of the defense mechanisms that prolong it: Denial, rationalization, blame, and reinterpretation are just a few. You know sometimes people act in a manner which is clearly racist and you just gotta call it for what it is. Today many groups are aware and are making others aware of the existence of personal racism in its mini- or ultra-subtle forms but you also have to be open to it. Have you noticed how racism has changed over time and how it has subverted or resisted challenges? Racism is flexible and adaptable. Another way to defuse responsibility is by claiming that all the devastation occurring to minorities happened in the past. Some white people are often oblivious to the fact that many of the same discriminatory policies of a hundred years ago are still in effect today. Just this morning a white news anchor implied that with us having a Black president, he thought the country was moving in a positive direction. I have heard this numerous times from numerous people and they are always shocked when something happens. How is that?  I've been married to 3 white women...I know first hand.
 Because if it's not talked about then it doesn't or hasn't or won't some folks mind. I have never ever ever ever had a person who wasn't black ask me, "Hey Dingle, when was the first time you were called a nigger?" Because for me at the age of 8, I will never forget the day it happened. One of the benefits of being white is that you do not have to see or deal with racism all the time. It is scary, difficult, risky and may bring up many feelings, but ultimately is the only healthy and moral thing to do that being confront it and talk about it. Understand the motivations behind it and the power it has.
 This weekend and the following weekends when you have people over, take a honest minute and look around. How many people that don't look like you are at your home?  How many kids that don't look like your kids are always over at your house? If you have teenagers...what do their friends look like? I could go on and on with questions but you may understand what I'm saying. Which is, what does your circle of friends look like?
 Almost everyone knows I was a post level Equal Opportunity Advisor and I was the led for the Unit level course and facilitators course for 3 years. I wasn't always well liked by some blacks when I had the position because I have always called it like I saw it and wasn't quick to jump on their side when they felt they were being discriminated against by a leader. I am the last guy you will ever see "playing the race card" but you can bet after I dissect a problem or issue and I have exhausted all other explanations if it's racist, sexist or what ever I'm going to call it like I see it.
 So babysitters, this will likely be my final post on this subject as it's pretty clear no one wants to REALLY discuss the topic of racism and all the ugliness that it brings. because like everything in life, if you don't talk about it, it will miraculously go away. Folks need to will never ever go away.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Truth about the Spartans

 For my research paper in Western Civilization I (which I received an 88% on) I decided to do it on the Spartans. Ever since 300 everything is Spartan this or Spartan that. But were the Spartans really all that? So I decided to find out.

   In 1998 comic book artist, writer and graphic novelist Frank Miller, known for his work with The Dark Knight, Daredevil and Wolverine published a graphic novel titled 300. In 2007, Frank Miller’s graphic novel was brought to the big screen in the major motion picture 300. It was a box office smash. Prior to the movie, I knew nothing of Sparta or the Spartans and honestly, I had no interest in them. After the movie, as a Soldier, I was captivated by the idea of a culture whose citizens were warriors to the core. And within the military community, many units quickly adopted images and the name “Spartans” for their respective unit’s nickname. A friend I know even refers to his son as “The Spartan Child.”  During the first few classes in my Western Civilization class, I was exposed to some interesting facts about the Spartans and the Persians. My curiosity was peaked and I wanted to know what was true and what was “Hollywood” when it came to the portrayal of the Spartans. How were they able to have a society purely made up of warriors? Did they really discard less desirable children like in the movie? Did they build homes, farm and hunt? And most importantly, did 300 Spartans take on the entire Persian Army? I desired to know the true history about the Spartans, as well as life within their society.

   Movies take liberties when telling stories and at times this can serve as a tool for you to question and seek the truth, and expand your knowledge on the subject. Sparta, known today as Laconia, was located on the southern tip of Greece and is roughly 100 miles south west of Athens. It is surrounded by mountains to the north, east and west. What’s generally known of the Spartans is that they were a militaristic society, amazing warriors and just hard as nails which is true. Members of the Spartan society were socialized into this militaristic way of life, which began directly after birth. Boys and girls were taken in front of the elders, known as the Gerousia and their the child was viewed and thoroughly inspected. If the Gerousia felt the child did not meet their criteria, they were discarded. In short, they were killed. Children that passed the inspection were given a bath in wine and returned to their parents where they could grow up strong and taught to fear nothing (McCutchen, 2000).  At the age of 7, boys were indoctrinated into a program which focused on survival, fighting, self-reliance and physical fitness to name a few. This program was called the Agoge. In the movie they briefly mention the Agoge through dialogue and visual references but nothing in great detail. The Agoge was a state run and sponsored program which all boys entered; as part of the training, young boys would be thrust out into society where they had to fend for themselves which included stealing food since the boys were not fed. It was believed that by starving a Spartan boy spiritually, you would make him tall and strong because eating too much would make him short and fat. When fighting for food, resources, or mere sport, these fights could turn brutally violent. The Agoge conditioned the boys physically and mentally sending them down the path to becoming a Spartan warrior.

   During the Agoge they were constantly watched and evaluated. For example, if a boy was caught stealing, he was beaten and punished. What’s interesting is that he wasn’t punished for the crime of stealing, he was punished because he was caught or seen stealing. At the age of 12, their official military training began at the hands of older Spartan warriors. These men were seasoned, in their early 20’s and held the title of Iren. The boys were under the direct supervision and tutelage of their Iren until they reached the age of 18 at which time they were considered men.

 What isn’t generally known is the two groups that supported the Spartan’s way of life; those two groups being the Helots and the Perioeci. This is how were they able to have a society purely made up of warriors. This is why they didn’t farm, hunt or even build homes. “Because Spartan men were professional soldiers, all manual labor was done by a slave class, the Helots (Staff, 2015).” Well in most societies when folks aren’t doing the manual labor they typically have slaves doing it. Like other societies, they fought and conquered other areas which led to their massive slave contingent called the Helots. Calling them “slaves” depended on who you asked as some referred to the Helots as slaves and other considered them a class in-between slave and free men. The Helots, which means “captives,” originated from two major areas: Messenia, which is west of Sparta and Laconia, which was to the south of Sparta. Helots did all the farming and were required to give up portions of their harvest to Sparta. They also supported the Spartan society in roles such as military aids, servants and nurses, just to name a few of the unskilled jobs they maintained. Since they greatly outnumbered the Spartans, the ratio was 7 to 1, there needed to be a way of keeping all of these Helots in check.

   “The teenage boys who demonstrated the most leadership potential were selected for participation in the Crypteia, which acted as a secret police force whose primary goal was to terrorize the general Helot population and murder those who were troublemakers. At age 20, Spartan males became full-time soldiers, and remained on active duty until age 60 (Staff, 2009).” Typically around the age of 16, they were selected for admission into the Crypteia. As Crypteia, the young men were given free rein to do as they pleased in order to keep the Helots in line. This included beatings, intimidation tactics and even humiliation. For example, the members of the Crypteia would often get the Helots intoxicated and make a mockery of them in the streets. This also served as a lesson to members of the Spartan society as how not to act, especially in public. Helots who were smart, rebelled or was showed the potential to be an upstart, were dealt with quickly. The Crypteia were ruthless and to grasp the extent and the power they were granted, typically once a year in the fall, they were allowed to kill a Helot and suffer no consequences (Staff, 2009). The Spartans did appreciate that a live slave was much better than a dead one. And though they were treated brutality, they ensured that the Helots were able to continue to support their way of life.

   With the Helots doing the day to day tasks within the society, the Spartans needed someone to create and furnish their weapons. This task was performed by another group, the Perioeci. Their stance within the Spartan society was strange yet unique. Unlike the Helots, the Perioeci, which means “dwellers-around,” were free men who lived primarily in the highlands and beach areas. They did have the ability to move freely to other areas and countries where the Helots and average citizens of Sparta were not. They also served as a buffer between the Helots, Spartans and other Greeks.

   There is a scene in the movie where King Leonidas’s wife, Gorgo, interrupts during his conversation with the Emissary from the Persian Army at which the Emissary protests and asks her what gives her the right to speak during a man’s conversation. Her reply was short and quick, “Because only Spartan women give birth to real men!” Now hearing that in a movie, it can be dismissed as good writing or a great movie quote. But it seems that the comment was spot on for its depiction of a Spartan woman’s attitude and demeanor. “The Spartan women were good judges of manhood. A foreign lady once remarked to the wife of a Spartan commander that the women of Sparta were the only women in the world who could rule men. "We are the only women who raise men," the Spartan lady replied (McCutchen).” We know the men who were conditioned at an early age and it appears that the women were too. It was believed that to bare a future Spartan warrior, women needed to be strong and fit. Not only were the women expected to be mentally strong but they also exercised and presented a very fit appearance. Unlike women in other areas of Greece, Spartan women were well read and educated in music, philosophy and the arts. A strong and healthy mother resulted in a strong and healthy child was their philosophy. Girls were also paraded in front of boys nude. That way they could be shamed into staying fit if they indeed were not as fit as their peers or if they appeared fat (Legends & Chronicles, 2007). Girls were also taught to fight and wrestle as these skills were passed on from mother to daughter. I can only imagine this mentality in today’s society.

   At the age of 18, females were given physical tests and once they passed, like their male counterparts, they were considered citizens and could look forward to marriage. But the most important thing was they could now bare Spartan children. If and when a woman decided to marry she was whisked away by her friends (bridesmaids) to a secret location (Staff, 2009). Once there they would shave her head, dress her in men’s clothing and she would await her husband. Once married, the two would meet in secret for years with him sneaking out from his military barracks so that he could be with his wife. At the age of 30, he would leave the barracks and they could live together. Sneaking out of the barracks wasn’t allowed and getting caught resulted in severe punishment like when he was young. Again, punishment wasn’t instituted because he snuck out, but because he was caught sneaking out or back in. “Marriage was important to Spartans, as the state put pressure on people to have male children who would grow up to become citizen-warriors, and replace those who died in battle. Men who delayed marriage were publically shamed, while those who fathered multiple sons could be rewarded. (Staff, 2009)

   The Battle of Thermopylae, or known to the masses as 300 was a battle in which 300 Spartan warriors accompanied their king, King Leonidas, in an attempt to stop the Persian Army from advancing south to Athens. 300 Spartans fought and gained access into history. But just how much of the portrayal in the movie was accurate? As explained, there is a lot more to the story and culture of the Spartans than revealed in the movie. Leonidas didn’t leave Sparta with just 300 Spartans serving as his personal body guard, enroot to the “Hot Gates,” the scene of the epic battle. There were actually 6,000 to 7,000 Greeks who accompanied the 300 plus Spartans as they moved north east to meet the Persians and stop their advance. The Greeks and Spartans held their own until a Greek told King Xerxes of a pass that would take them around and through the mountains which would allow them to attack Leonidas’s forces from the flanks and rear. Leonidas realized that the Persian Army had begun to maneuver on them and some of the other Greek fighters; knowing what was surely to happen, retreated. Leonidas then decided he’d send the majority of his men back to Sparta and only 300 Hoplites remained at his side (Staff, 2009). Yes, all male citizens of Sparta were warriors, however not all were Hoplites. The characters seen in the movie or what is typically visualized when someone says a “Spartan” were actually the Hoplites. They were considered the cream of the crop and they fought using shields, spears and swords; famous for using a tactical formation called a Phalanx. In this formation each man uses his shield to form a wall and was linked in with the man next to him. With strength and training, the Hoplites would fight as one single unit, thrusting with their spears and protecting with their shields. However this formation was vulnerable from rear and flank attacks.

   The Hoplites that remained at Leonidas’s side were accompanied by Thespians and Thebans. They fought bravely until all had been killed. Leonidas and his fellow Spartans did receive the beautiful death that all Spartans crave however, we now know they were not alone. Like most dominate societies over time even Sparta could not maintain its supremacy on the battlefield.  The Spartans, in 371 B.C.E. suffered a crippling defeat during the Battle of Leuctra at the hands of Greeks who had fought alongside them during the Battle of Thermopylae, the Thebans. General Epaminondas, a Theban General, a year later led a force into Spartan territory and freed the Messenian Helots who we know to have been enslaved by the Spartans (Staff, 2009). As time progressed the Spartans became a second-rate power in Greece.

   Knowing why Hollywood takes liberties when retelling tales helps you to acknowledge that the movie 300 only covers the spectacular highlights of the Spartan’s. Focusing on the history of the Spartans makes for great action while omitting the hard facts, and certainly makes the story of the 300’s heroic deeds and fighting spirit at the Battle of Thermopylae that much more impressive. But truth be told, 300 Spartans didn’t fight and die alone. They were rigorously militaristic society, none which would have happened without the Helots and the Perioeci. Having thousands of slaves allowed for the focus on war fighting with no concern for the mundane tasks. When compared to today’s standards, we see that they went to great extremes to make it so. For example, they killed children that weren’t fit to live in their society and postured naked young women and girls in front of boys for the sole purpose of humiliating the flabby ones. None of this would be acceptable behavior but for a warrior culture like the Spartans it was fitting. Movies are great entertainment and sometimes they can be used to retell a historic tale. But take note that movies typically exaggerate or over emphasize charters and actions. If you want the truth, grab a history book. You’ll find it has more accurate information than a Hollywood block buster.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Speaking of lies....

 Speaking of lies, on Friday May 1st, my former spouse Jennifer Dingle was arrested for putting her hands on our 17 year old daughter. As well as smelling of alcohol at 0900 in the morning. Guess her and "Superman" had a great night together.

 So after all this she still plans of fighting me in court since I asked her nicely to be the physical custodian. So some mother of the year. You kick your daughter out for close to three months, tell all your friends that you were letting her spread her wings then you call the Police on her and have the cops come to her school scaring the crap out of her because you now claim she was a runaway and you wanted her home. Hmmm, bet she didn't mention that on Facebook. Better yet, how about denying your child the use of your kitchen and or washing machine? Nope, I'm sure she lied about that. How many times have the KIDS called the Police asking for help? bet she didn't tell you about that. Now CPS is involved once again because of her alcohol and abuse. Have you ever wondered why after five plus years she still sings the same ole song? Always blaming me or others yet never once taking responsibility for her actions.

Our sons have stated they don't wish to live there or with her and Superman (we all know it's Sammy Smith) so why drag this out in court and make your kids testify? She has already told them she doesn't want them around. She's told me good luck with feeding them and that I have poisoned their minds against her and I will one day pay for it. One word to all that...KARMA!!!

The environment is toxic and our kids do not deserve to live in that state. They have the right to be someplace where they can be teenagers and feel safe. But nope, Jennifer needs to save face so I will have to go to court again and my kids will have to testify....again so that she can save face with her fan club and spin it so it looks like the courts made the kids leave or that I somehow fabricated more lies and she is the innocent supermom who has once again done no wrong and had her kids stripped from her bosom. I'm sure this arrest is somehow my fault so believe what you want...lie all you want. But some of us....know the truth.'s all "public record."

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So, is it a lie? Who attacked who?

Ok, it has been said by my former spouse Jennifer that  I attacked her at our home because I came there, demanded to see my kids, she wouldn't let me see my kids, I beat her up, drove around the corner and called her girlfriend Sheila Whitfield and told her that I had just beat her up (Sheila testified in court to this). Jennifer also stated that I called her cell phone and tied up the phone line so that she was unable to call the police. And it was 2 hours later when she finally did call the police on the phone and they came to the house. Now when she phoned the Police she said that someone was "shining a light on our house" yet when the officers arrived and saw her she told them that I came there and attacked her.

Now a few facts before I show documents which all have a different story of the events in question:

1. I was on my way home from a week in NJ when all this went down. I was actually in Nelson County getting gas 10 minutes after the alleged attack took place. My lawyer had a copy of my bank statement which was time stamped with the name of the gas station, location and time I used my debit card to get gas.

2. We both had T-mobile phones and she had access to her phone records that would show how I not only tied up her cell for hours so she couldn't call the police but showing that I called her girlfriend Sheila and confessed to attacking her. Did you ever wonder if I were tying up her cell line, why not go into the house and use the house phone since we had one? Why did Jennifer not bring copies of her cell calls to show that I did indeed tie up her cell line? Probably because that too was a lie.

3. I was talking with a friend from high school the entire ride and I had the cell records along with the bank information but we never had to use it because after I spoke and the arresting officer spoke, it was clear Jennifer lied. 

4. Her blood alcohol content was .315. She has disputed this several times citing that it was an error, time had passed and that the test was improperly done. That would mean a lot of folks have gotten DUIs that didn't deserve them. Any professional or adult who understand that in order to have a BAC that high and still be able to function, you are in deed an alcoholic and have built up a tolerance for high usage over the years. Jennifer drank and got drunk daily after she failed out of nursing school...DAILY. She stopped briefly after Alex begged her to but it lasted about 2 weeks. That was a very peaceful two weeks in our home. She would go through 2 boxes of White Zinfandel (her favorite) a week easy or Captain Morgan and Diet Coke. And there was no wine glasses used, she used our glasses that held at least 15oz.

So now, using various documents you can read just how many versions of the story Jennifer told.

Version 1 The police report.

Version 2, Neglect report 

Version 3, EPO (Emergency Protective Order) number 1

Version 4, the 2nd EPO she tried to file (This one was more detailed and written a few days later after she sobered up)

Version 5, The Congressional
“Sgt Jerome Dingle volunteered to go for a one year tour in order to avoid divorce. Once he returned he then left after 2 weeks to go to New Jersey leaving my four children once again in my care. Upon returning to Kentucky he assaulted me-convinced a police officer I had falsified a report and I was jailed. I have never been in trouble with the authorities prior to this. He went for emergency custody of the 4 children claiming I am “unfit” and an “alcoholic.” After leaving the children voluntarily for over a year he then claimed these accusations. With no evaluations and based purely on hearsay the judge took my parental rights from me and I had to vacate my home. I am now homeless. I have passed 2 professional evaluations deeming me to not be an addict. Sgt Jerome Dingle then attempted to have my 17 year old son arrested as a runaway after an argument when he physically accosted my child. My 17yr old is now with me and we are homeless and penniless. I had to pawn jewelry in order to be in the hotel I’m in until tomorrow. He had threatened my life and on Thursday April 30th told my three younger children (ages 12-10-8) over an incident where my daughter was sent a pizza from my friend that “If you tell your mother anything- I will make it so you NEVER see your mother again.” I take that as a two folded threat. #1-he will continue to manipulate the judicial system and #2-he will follow through with his threats to kill me.

At a minimum-I am asking the military to assist me to require Sgt Dingle to provide me with shelter and money to live on.”

So, there you have it. Which story is accurate? Version 1? 3? 2?  Was it me, the hitman or the guy I hired that beat her up? Which version are you the reader or her friend to believe? How about it doesn't matter. The facts speak for themselves as did the phone records, my sons and the bank statements. I simply wasn't there. So common sense takes over now and you have to ask yourself, "If she lied about this to friends, family and her kids...what else has she lied about?"